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  Liepaja is situated on the Eastern coast of Baltic sea between the port of Ventspils and the port of Klaipeda , 200 km from Riga, the capital of Latvia, 900 km from St. Petersburg and 1250 km from Moscow ( Russia ), excellent connections to all major Europe centers, linking West and East Europe, direct way from Western Europe in the economically advanced regions of Russia.

Port of Liepaja

  Port of Liepaja enjoys the most southwestern location of Latvian ports.  Such location gives the opportunity of all-the-year-round service in ice-free port of Liepaja, one of the two ice-free ports in Latvia that makes a convenient transport link between Eastern and Western Europe even during severest winters.  Already today the port has handling capacity of over 4,5 million tons.
Special Economic Zone

  In order to promote development of port of Liepaja, 1997 came into force the law “On the Liepaja Special Economic Zone“.
  Estabilishing the Liepaja Special Economic Zone is aimed at development and promotion of commerce, industry, shipping and air transport, as well as international exchange of goods via Latvia. Its tasks are to attract invesments for development of production and infrastructure, and to create new working places in Liepaja. Enterprises of Liepaja Special Economic Zone have the rights to use tax alleviation.

Port of Liepaja

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